Take control, bring balance to your life
and gain an overall sense of wellbeing


Have you tried every diet and weight loss strategy known to humankind? Does your weight yo yo? Do you comfort eat? Do you deprive yourself of food for long periods only to regain weight when you return to ‘normal eating’.

If you are struggling with your weight and feel you have tried every diet and weight loss strategy – to no avail, then maybe it is time to consider a different approach. Using a Cognitive Behavioural approach for weight loss and nutrition, the focus is not on the latest faddy diet, it is on you – the way you think about food, the food choices you make and the habits you maintain.

You wont have to cut out whole food groups, that are often important to health; and you wont have to restrict calories to the point of feeling hungry all of the time. You will be facilitated in your learning about food and what constitutes a balanced meal, and to make the right choices for you - from the food you buy, the meals you cook to your patterns of eating.

Simple, healthy eating = enhanced health and wellbeing.

CBT coaching