Take control, bring balance to your life
and gain an overall sense of wellbeing

What can you expect from your coaching engagement?

At your initial session, an assessment of your current needs will be completed. The assessment will help establish what your immediate needs are and to determine whether you would benefit from Coaching or Therapy.

Following your assessment you and your Coach/Therapist will work with you to explore, plan and set clear goals. Each session is structured and generally involves a review of the previous session and any associated learning as well as deciding on the key themes for discussion.

You will probably be required to complete between session activities designed to support your progress. This will be routinely reviewed as this is where useful learning can take place. Feedback and challenge will always be supportive so that you can enjoy stimulation to your thinking and the learning that is taking place for you.

Your autonomy is paramount at all times, you remain in control and are responsible for making decisions and taking actions resulting from Coaching.