Take control, bring balance to your life
and gain an overall sense of wellbeing

Carly Francis

BSc (hons) Psychology, MSc, DTLLS, PGDip CBT (Professional membership BABCP)

Carly has worked in a clinical capacity for the the last 12 years. She started her career working within Forensic Psychology for the Prison Service, delivering Cognitive Behavioural Treatment to offenders for both forensic and clinical issues. During this time, her enjoyment of working within a therapeutic capacity led her to pursue work in the field of mental health, but in a community setting, where she predominantly worked within the field of eating disorders.

Within her combined experiences across the Prison Service and NHS, Carly has worked with a range of people experiencing a range of different psychological presentations; depression, anxiety disorders, self harming behaviour, eating disorders, anger and self esteem have been her predominant focus. Alongside her work at Futures Coaching and Therapy, Carly works as a Psychotherapist, still within the field of eating disorders, offering cognitive behavioural therapy to clients currently experiencing anorexia, bulimia and overeating.

Carly’s focus is on helping others achieve their goals in pursuit of happiness and physical and psychological wellbeing. She understands that when one element of your life feels out of kilter, it can have an impact across others, and enjoys helping others regain focus and balance.

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