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I was suggested Mentoring due to a worsening of my Crohn’s Disease and subsequently was behind on work. Linda was able to pick up on what area was causing me concern and ultimately slowing down work.

As I was studying architecture, it required constant design decisions in a highly practical almost self-taught course. It was up to me to make a commitment to a project plan. This was proving emotionally and physically difficult.........Linda understood the position I was in and slowly brought me round to realising that I had to make constant progress to pass. Making me question my plan (or lack of it) to tackle the work ahead was a big part of the coaching. I enjoyed questioning my often irrational choices from an outsider’s perspective and felt comfortable to do so whilst talking to Linda.

The coaching process revolved around my physical condition, the emotions attached and the work output required. Linda was skilled in working around these and helped me put in place a framework of time management, daily routines, necessary questioning and encouragement to accommodate my symptoms and make working progress.

Because coaching or mentoring is in-between many disciplines it is difficult to define or understand and I think this is why it is often rejected. However, I now think that this vagueness is where the benefits of coaching lie. A combination of expertise rather than the usual overspecialisation was highly successful and meant that Linda was even able to give dyslexic support where necessary.

Overall, Linda’s expertise aided in helping me through a very difficult academic, emotional and physically challenging time. Fortunately, I am able to measure the success of the experience academically having received a Distinction in my Masters. The real benefit underlying this was the emotional stability I gained to make confident choices and manage my work around a disease.


I am so grateful for Carly for seeing that what I was experiencing was affecting my everyday life and if I didn't address it this time round I would have reverted back to old coping mechanisms i.e. anorexia. (I am guessing Carly saw this months before I did-I've only just realised how all these things have come together).

Milton Keynes

I decided to try coaching because I wanted to work on taking control of difficult situations and being more assertive. I contacted Linda after a colleague recommended her to me. The coaching sessions are friendly and enjoyable, yet focused and productive at the same time. The sessions provide a valuable opportunity to reflect on past experiences and to make plans for the future. I have really appreciated Linda’s focus on what is important to me and her open-minded approach. Coaching has given me a variety of strategies to use to in a range of situations; it is a very worthwhile process and I would definitely recommend it.


So the past year has been immense for me. Through the 1:1s led by my counsellor who is willing to look outside the box, really invest extraordinary effort to help me understand and address these issues, I have made progress I have never made before. What I like about the 1:1s is the time and patience of the therapist to properly explore things. If I hadn’t had this then I would not have realised that actually it is perfectionism underlying a lot of things for me, and not eating was a way of managing this.

Milton Keynes

Through the 1:1 sessions available to me, I was able to ask for help, admit I was suddenly experiencing this overwhelming anxiety and explore what was happening in a very safe, calm environment with an amazing counsellor.What made the counsellor (Carly) amazing was she was genuinely interested and passionate about what we were discussing.Carly really wanted to explore me as the individual and was keen to explain and discuss things in a which I could understand and relate to.I am a very visual person so the counsellor drew mind maps for my benefit to help me understand- and I did. For me understanding something is half the battle, and this was key; Carly facilitated my understanding of myself rather than 'telling' me what was going on.

Milton Keynes