Take control, bring balance to your life
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Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Therapy in the workplace

When people are in good health, they are more motivated, engaged and productive and are more able to deal with the challenges they face at work and outside of work.

Creating a culture in which Health and Wellness are promoted and valued and helping staff to take care of their own health and wellbeing is good for the employee and the organisation.

In 2015 a survey conducted by YouGov and the Institute of Directors revealed:

54% of employees surveyed said work was the most stressful factor in their lives and 32% of said stress and anxiety make it difficult to get their work done.

In light of the current and rising trends of mental health, obesity (and related illnesses) and alcohol consumption, promoting and supporting workplace health is increasingly important to the overall performance of any organization or business.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) and Therapy (CBT) is finding its way into the workplace, where it is being used as a way to treat a number of occupational health issues: personal and workplace stress, anxiety and depression. CBC and CBT can be a rapid way to reduce the symptoms of employee distress and difficulty, while keeping an employee at work or supporting n employee back into work.

Both coaching and therapy can be effective over a fairly short period of time, which is useful for organisations and their employees because it may reduce absence levels or facilitate an earlier return to work for employees who have been absent owing to stress or other related physical and mental health difficulties.

CBC and CBT can be a useful and cost effective way to:

  • reduce absenteeism
    increase performance at work
    improve work relationships
    improve staff morale
    enhance staff wellbeing
    support return to work after long and short term absence
  • Futures Coaching and Therapy can also offer bespoke training for organisations.

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